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Le Butcherettes – Sin Sin Sin

‘Le Butcherettes’ are a band fronted by Teri Gender Bender with Omar Rodriguez-Lopez featured as their producer and bassist for ‘Sin Sin Sin’

When listening to this album the first thing you will realise is that Teri is completely crazy, but the kind of crazy that tends to go hand in hand with also being a creative genius. Makes me wonder that maybe Omar only works with people who are on a higher plane of existence.

This album is full of catchy garage punk tunes that will infect your brain and keep popping into your conscious thoughts days after hearing them.

My favourite tracks would have to be ‘Dress Off’ & ‘I’m Getting Sick of You’

The album has a lot to offer with different styles & influences being brought to your ears. Give it a listen you won’t regret it.

In a word – Loco






Heirs – Hunter

‘Heirs’ are such a talented band. Their songs sound so beautifully natural as they slowly build from basic beginnings then have layers added to them as if the band is working as one unit.

It’s worth checking out ‘Heirs’ purely for the fact they make the theremin sound awesome. If you ever get the chance to see this band live, do it, this band can be best appreciated live as you actually see the band working together as they create these brilliant songs.

Its obvious why ‘Hunter’ is the title track here, it is ‘Heirs’ at their finest as they show off their skills at creating atmosphere then slowly adding and building to a climax.

I recommend checking out their EP ‘Fowl’ its also available on their bandcamp page.

In a word – Theremin

Western Sydrome – Raise Your Hand

Straight from the get go this is an all out assault. Kassie, the main vocalist, has no respect for your ears and she wants you to know it.

With all the songs coming in under 3 minutes, they are power and speed driven.

The last 2 tracks on the EP really stood out for me with ‘Jack and Diane is a Good Song’ getting more technical with guitar play and ‘But We Prefer Gummers’ a more winding instrumental track.

Sea Bastard – Great Barrier Riff

First and foremost you can’t go wrong with a pun like ‘Great Barrier Riff’ for an album title, especially if your band is called ‘Sea Bastard’

Sea based puns aside this EP is slow, heavy and completely unrelenting these guys know how to make you feel like all hope is lost.

All the songs are mammoths on their own but it’s best to listen to the EP in its entirety as the songs seem to bleed together.

At times the music is almost painfully slow as the band seem to battle through these epic songs.

I’m almost glad this EP only has 3 tracks on it, any more and I’d be pummelled into a pile of nothingness.

The Atlas Moth – An Ache For The Distance

‘An Ache For The Distance’ sounds to me like a sexual innuendo of some sort to me, this is only reinforced by the album art work.

Although these thoughts are quickly pushed out of my head listening to ‘Coffin Varnish’, the band chucks you straight in the deep-end. It is an insane opener track, heavy music and agonised vocals.

‘Holes in the Desert’ is the stand out song on the album, playing off the 2 vocalists (Stavros and David) against each other.

The band seems to be confining some elements and genres to each song. It seems chaotic at times but it definitely suits.

In a word – Peyote