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The Broderick, Old Man Gloom & Converge – Billboard Venue

What better way to break the drought than with a gig review.

As much as I would’ve loved to have seen ‘Doom Riders’, making Nate feature in each of the bands on the bill. I gladly settled on ‘The Broderick’ who have been playing everywhere lately it seems. They wasted no time in assisting the crowd in kicking off the shackles of the working week and prepared everyone for a big night.

‘Old Man Gloom’ descended upon Melbourne and to be honest I was looking forward to this set more so than the main act. They played with ferocity and unleashed wall after wall of noise. The only problem was because they had a short set they weren’t able to delve into some of their longer tracks but everyone seemed to love their presence regardless.

‘Converge’ are no strangers to whipping crowds into a fury, with Jacob Bannon flying around the stage partaking in a one man death pit. They played a smattering of old and new stuff and just when you think they’ve played all their best songs they kick into another great track.

There was no better way I could think to celebrate post-valentines than to get sweaty and slightly bruised at a ‘Converge’ concert.



Sorry about the lack of posts. 

Went on a camping trip and currently in the process of switching ISPs

No Anchor – The Golden Bridge

‘No Anchor’ released ‘The Golden Bridge’ on the 26th of November.

Instead of going out, buying an electric guitar then using effects to make it sound like a bass guitar, ‘No Anchor’ have forgone that and instead have 2 bassists in their band, no electric guitarist needed.

‘Loose Gravel’ plays off gritty, strained vocals against groove-filled guitars that descend into chaos at the 3 minute mark.

‘Oh Kill’ is an absolute nugget of a track. Hard out, straight to the point all the while throwing in some pretty clever insightful lyrics.

‘Slabs’ is a perfected slow-build track, each riff gets louder alternating with an extra drum beat or cymbal smash till you are getting absolutely pulverized.

If this is a case that more sludge metal bands should just use bass guitars, I’m sold.

Hot Magenta – Long Time Coming

‘Hot Magenta’ have their EP ‘Long Time Coming’ up on Spotify for you to check out.

Featuring groove infused tracks from the good old years of rock, all while playing off a honey sweet female vocalist against some of the dirtiest gravelly backup singers.

‘Better Off Alone’ is the stand-out song here, every note is in its place. Whipping out some nice solos, guitar duels, thick bass lines. It’s a song that happily surprises you with another verse and chorus when you expected it to end.

Until we find a way to travel back in time, and you don’t want to listen to washed up old musicians who are past their prime, your best bet is to give this EP a listen, then another listen.

whenskiesaregray – We Built Walls So Our Hearts Couldn’t Cross

‘We Built Walls So Our Hearts Couldn’t Cross’ by ‘whenskiesaregray’ was released June 20, 2012.

You would expect most punk/post-hardcore albums would start with fast, loud music. You anticipate that its purpose is to be over just as you’re getting into it. ‘whenskiesaregray’ didn’t like that format and have put their longest track first. ’18-63′ serves to fatigue you before you’ve even heard track 2, the band switches from frenetic playing to wandering guitar play to echoed vocals yelling into the abyss.

‘Dead Weight’ and ‘Tidal Waves’ are both emotional wrecks of songs. There is such conviction in the lead signers voice, such a need for his message to be heard.

‘I’ve Given My All, Therefore I Have Nothing Left’ is a pretty apt way to close off the album, bashing out one last song before they collapse in a heap.

The Neptune Power Federation – Mano A Satano

‘The Neptune Power Federation’ released ‘Mano A Satano’ on 22nd of October.

Reminiscent of the older days of metal, where you spent as much time on your blonde mullet as you did writing songs.

These guys have somehow found a way to bring together light-hearted lyrics ‘Be It Demon?’ with some serious rocking ‘Skies of Sounds’.

This album features some great 80’s power metal singing, fuzzed out guitars and convoluted guitar solos that would make Slash cry.

This band definitely doesn’t mind taking the piss out of themselves and seeing the funnier side of metal, although unlike most parody albums, this album can be listened to again and again.