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Le Butcherettes – Sin Sin Sin

‘Le Butcherettes’ are a band fronted by Teri Gender Bender with Omar Rodriguez-Lopez featured as their producer and bassist for ‘Sin Sin Sin’

When listening to this album the first thing you will realise is that Teri is completely crazy, but the kind of crazy that tends to go hand in hand with also being a creative genius. Makes me wonder that maybe Omar only works with people who are on a higher plane of existence.

This album is full of catchy garage punk tunes that will infect your brain and keep popping into your conscious thoughts days after hearing them.

My favourite tracks would have to be ‘Dress Off’ & ‘I’m Getting Sick of You’

The album has a lot to offer with different styles & influences being brought to your ears. Give it a listen you won’t regret it.

In a word – Loco