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The Broderick, Old Man Gloom & Converge – Billboard Venue

What better way to break the drought than with a gig review.

As much as I would’ve loved to have seen ‘Doom Riders’, making Nate feature in each of the bands on the bill. I gladly settled on ‘The Broderick’ who have been playing everywhere lately it seems. They wasted no time in assisting the crowd in kicking off the shackles of the working week and prepared everyone for a big night.

‘Old Man Gloom’ descended upon Melbourne and to be honest I was looking forward to this set more so than the main act. They played with ferocity and unleashed wall after wall of noise. The only problem was because they had a short set they weren’t able to delve into some of their longer tracks but everyone seemed to love their presence regardless.

‘Converge’ are no strangers to whipping crowds into a fury, with Jacob Bannon flying around the stage partaking in a one man death pit. They played a smattering of old and new stuff and just when you think they’ve played all their best songs they kick into another great track.

There was no better way I could think to celebrate post-valentines than to get sweaty and slightly bruised at a ‘Converge’ concert.


Monoliths. – Dirt // Dust

‘Monoliths.’ released ‘Dirt//Dust’ on the 14th of August 2012.

This EP is raw, urgent and shows what good DIY hardcore is all about. Each instrument gets its own time in the spotlight which seems to be a rarity for this style of music.

‘Slit’ starts out with some soft spoken-word/poetry then delves into a mesh of metalcore and hardcore.

‘Tar’ brilliantly plays off the 2 main vocalists, Brian and Kehan, against each other.

‘Rapture’ shows off the bands more mathcore side with time signatures all over the place with their signature hardcore/screamo vocals layered on top.

Worth checking out for Kehan’s vocals as he assaults you beyond his own exhaustion.