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No Anchor – The Golden Bridge

‘No Anchor’ released ‘The Golden Bridge’ on the 26th of November.

Instead of going out, buying an electric guitar then using effects to make it sound like a bass guitar, ‘No Anchor’ have forgone that and instead have 2 bassists in their band, no electric guitarist needed.

‘Loose Gravel’ plays off gritty, strained vocals against groove-filled guitars that descend into chaos at the 3 minute mark.

‘Oh Kill’ is an absolute nugget of a track. Hard out, straight to the point all the while throwing in some pretty clever insightful lyrics.

‘Slabs’ is a perfected slow-build track, each riff gets louder alternating with an extra drum beat or cymbal smash till you are getting absolutely pulverized.

If this is a case that more sludge metal bands should just use bass guitars, I’m sold.


The Neptune Power Federation – Mano A Satano

‘The Neptune Power Federation’ released ‘Mano A Satano’ on 22nd of October.

Reminiscent of the older days of metal, where you spent as much time on your blonde mullet as you did writing songs.

These guys have somehow found a way to bring together light-hearted lyrics ‘Be It Demon?’ with some serious rocking ‘Skies of Sounds’.

This album features some great 80’s power metal singing, fuzzed out guitars and convoluted guitar solos that would make Slash cry.

This band definitely doesn’t mind taking the piss out of themselves and seeing the funnier side of metal, although unlike most parody albums, this album can be listened to again and again.


Moghul – selftitled

‘Moghul’ released their self-titled album on September the 1st, 2012. Even though this album only has 2 songs on it, each song is an absolute marathon.

‘Dead Empires’ starts out a bluesy heavy rock affair which turns nasty along the way. The change is slow as the guitars and drums get louder and more aggressive and the vocals turn from gravelly to abrasive.

‘Hidden Hand’ once again slowly wanders through different genres and styles, touching on psychedelic, desert, drone and stoner.

This album is probably best appreciated on vinyl while wearing flares but if thats not possible, it’ll still sound good.

earthmass – Lunar Dawn (Keep, Relic & Ritual)

‘Lunar Dawn’ is the name of the one track EP by ‘earthmass’.

I feel that some people would be put off by the fact this song runs in at just over 20 minutes. If this EP was split up into individual songs it might be more accessible by listeners but it would lose some of its effect.

At the end of the 20 minutes you’ve been exposed to this bands complete showcase, they touch of a few different genres and aren’t afraid to switch things up from soft to heavy and vice versa.

Sea Bastard – Great Barrier Riff

First and foremost you can’t go wrong with a pun like ‘Great Barrier Riff’ for an album title, especially if your band is called ‘Sea Bastard’

Sea based puns aside this EP is slow, heavy and completely unrelenting these guys know how to make you feel like all hope is lost.

All the songs are mammoths on their own but it’s best to listen to the EP in its entirety as the songs seem to bleed together.

At times the music is almost painfully slow as the band seem to battle through these epic songs.

I’m almost glad this EP only has 3 tracks on it, any more and I’d be pummelled into a pile of nothingness.